Serenity Hill Bed and Breakfast
   3600 Mammoth Cave Road
   Brownsville, Kentucky 42210

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   GPS coordinates N 37 10.242 W 86 11.784
   Take Exit 48. Turn west on 255, towards Mammoth Cave.
   Drive approximately 2 1/2 miles
   Go past Diamond Caverns
   Turn left at the stop sign at Mammoth Cave Road (HWY 70) following the sign to Brownsville.
   Drive about 2 1/2 miles
   Watch for the sign to Brownsville
   Go past Sloan's Pond Walk.
   Turn left toward Brownsville
   Drive approximately 6 miles
   Go past Turn Hole Bend hiking trail
   Approximately 1 mile out of the park
   Watch for the Serenity Hill Bed and Breakfast sign on the right
   Make the sharp right hand turn and go up the hill.
   Be sure to watch for the local natural pedestrians (deer, turkey and other wild life).
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